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Medi-Cal Eligibility


FACT: Medi-Cal will pay up to 100% of nursing home expenses for those who qualify.


FACT: Due to changes in federal laws enacted in 1996, with proper planning, almost anyone can qualify under Med-Cal eligibility tests.


A lot of misinformation is out there about Long-Term Care Medi-Cal. Some of this information comes from Medi-Cal workers and nursing home staff that mean well but are not familiar with ALL the rules of Long-Term Medi-Cal.

Many people believe that they must spend down their assets in order to qualify. This is not always true.

Married couples can have a Home & $123,600.00 in assets in order to qualify for Long-Term care Medi-Cal. Even more, if you have an IRA that is making a distribution --- the principal will not be counted as an asset or eligibility purposes.



Before incorrectly assuming you will not qualify for Medi-Cal, please consult with one of our advisors.

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