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"My biggest fear was just not knowing what the process entailed. However, you took care of everything; filled out all the forms & told me exactly what I needed to do to assist. It was such a relief to know that you were taking care of everything. You always met with me in a timely matter and returned my phone calls promptly. I never worried because you always let me know what was happening. I would definitely recommend you to any one I knew that had a family member in the same situation. I would tell them that you take all of the worry away about what needs to be done. A definite relief."

Judy B., Fresno, CA


"Definitely get in touch with them and they will do all their best to fight and explain the process. Highly recommend [QLS] from my experience!" 

Michelle L., Stockton, CA


"They [QLS] were clear in their communication. They helped humanize a dry legal process. They were easy to talk to and they persevered until the application was successfully completed... Start the process as early as you think you need to. Answer all questions. Ask when you don't know. And, 'hang in there' with them, they are working."

LeVonna H., Lodi, CA


"If you need help getting through the Medi-Cal process, it was money well spent as far as I am concerned... Just friendly personnel. I had a 40 mile commute, I showed up a couple of times, walk-ins and was taken care of each time."

Weldon C., Orange Cove, CA


"Our experience with Quality Life Solutions has been a bright spot during the passing of my Mom. All of our dealings were handled with compassion and a high degree of professionalism. Service seems to be a foreign concept to a lot of businesses but not with QLS. Everyone we dealt with at QLS, exhibited such a high level of service, that it was refreshing and appreciated. I will definitely recommend QLS to anyone that is need of their services and I would like to thank all involved, again for the efforts on our behalf."

Sincerely The Hein Family, Fresno, CA 


"Your company has provided such a service to me. You helped bring order to chaos and provided direction in handling his affairs to the benefit of him and to my family. I wish to thank you personally [Lisa]. While I know that there are many behind the scenes and that Philip Flanigan's expertise in handling composition of a trust and will were instrumental, you are the one who showed you cared and you showed patience and understanding when I wasn't clear about the direction you provided...I thank you for your help and support during my time of need."

Dennis P., Fresno, CA


"We appreciate the clear instructions and we were treated kindly and compassionately. Our biggest fear was that despite changing and completing the actions that we would still not be approved for Medi-Cal. Happily we were approved."

Martha A., San Jose, CA


"Everyone in the office is professional. They have helped numerous of our residents. Quality Life Solutions is the only company I will give a referral to. When I send over a referral I know the family will be taken care of. They treat families with such a caring nature. When dealing with these types of affairs it can be a very sensitive situation. Quality Life Solutions handles each case with care and professionalism. I have never got any complaints, just praise on how they helped them."

George Kutnerian

Chief Executive Officer at Fresno Guest Homes, Fresno, CA


"Planning for long-term care is a complicated and overwhelming process for families and their elder loved ones. The Quality Life Solutions staff are experts who simplify this process for clients and offer solutions that provide them peace of mind-- all at a great value for what are invaluable services. When it comes to planning your long-term care, you have to trust who you're working ith. Phil and his staff have earned the trust of so many because of their combination of uncompromising quality and efficiency-- that combination is what expertise is all about and what you can count on getting with Quality Life Solutions when it comes to your planning."

Lori Buwalda

Director of Billing at Tulare Nursing and Rehabilitation


“You guys are the best, I always know that our families will be well taken care of. Everyone whom goes through QLS has come back to give me great feedback. Pleased with QLS helping our families step by step in an over whelming time of their lives, ensuring that there is a way. The comments I hear are “That Phil is a Smart Cookie, He knows his stuff.” “ The gals at QLS are professionals on top of everything”. Which makes me want for more families to know about your services and how you could help. I’m passionate of being thorough, I know that I could be like tag your it and QLS will come through."

Rosie Muneton

Director of Admissions at Genesis Kingsburg Care Center, Kingsburg, CA

"We are glad that we are able to refer to a great company like QLS. We know our families are in good hands when sent your way. Thank you for your great service”

Josephine Martinez

Director of Social Services at Genesis Willow Creek, Clovis, CA


“We are very satisfied with Quality Life Solutions Services. Lisa Bennett and especially our direct contact Kristin Hill were very helpful, clear with instructions and quick with their responses. All issues were addressed and quickly resolved. A pleasure working with their staff” 

Sharon F. , Monterey, CA


“I was very happy with your services and it was a lovely relief to have people that know how to do this. I will pass on your information -- with others so that others can know what you do. Thank you for everything.” 

Cathy B., Porterville, CA


"They were professional, compassionate, and empathetic. I can't say enough good things about your company. Thank you so much."

Amanda P., Lodi, CA


"Thank you for doing your very best to take care of mom's and dad's Medi-Cal needs. I don't know what we would have done with out you. Thank you for all of your efforts."

Sheryl A., Santa Monica, CA


"I've been with Quality Life Solutions for 5 years and its been a pleasure to do business with them. They have been a true life saver for me. I have and will continue to recommend Quality Life Solutions to anyone who needs help navigating the Medi-Cal process. Thank you again."

Sally H., Los Angeles, CA